Long time no post! I’ve been workin’ hard at my new job. Here’s some Peter Quills as I try and learn how to draw men who don’t look like women. Wish me luck!

Nevermind I colored it. Am I getting better at inks again?? #howtotrainyourdragon2 #valka #cloudjumper

Posted this earlier-looked really freaking weird without shoulders so I added them on. This just practice! I haven’t used markers and ink in a long time. #princess #drawing #flowers

Gestures and Beat boards! Also from my portfolio. 

These are some Beat boards from my portfolio! Thought I’d post them separately cuz I like them. 


Here’s two sketches I did waiting for my shot to get reviewed at work…I need to learn how to draw again ;^; 

This is a sneaky Fox! His name is Rumple. : 3 

"What are you doing in my forest?” 

I wasn’t going to post this and then I thought- what the hell. There’s some stuff I’m still working out but I don’t post as much as I should.