This is a sneaky Fox! His name is Rumple. : 3 

"What are you doing in my forest?” 

I wasn’t going to post this and then I thought- what the hell. There’s some stuff I’m still working out but I don’t post as much as I should.

Here’s a really rough, not cleaned up no BG Harry Potter that I did at work! I won’t work on it anymore though.

This is a fun image I did to match some other stuff in my portfolio, I’m also going to use it as a business card so everything matches. I don’t think the gun is completely accurate in shape, but I wanted to make it easier for me to draw since I’m not totally familiar with drawing AK47s. 


If you guys want to see more of my sketches, follow my Instagram (brittwearspearls). It really is mostly drawings…and sometimes food. I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been looking for work so I thought I’d post some on my tumblr! I really need to draw more guys…but in my defense most of the tests I’ve been taking have male characters all over them (I don’t have any problems with that). 

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Pushing it a little for CTN with my portfolio - but that’s a familiar feeling.  

Hoping that I can keep working on my art more consistently, and manage my time better! No I haven’t seen Turbo. 

If you can’t tell I have Princesses on the mind. 

I heard #marieantoinette liked #pugs